Weekend side project: sap2mid

A couple of days ago I realized there was no such thing as a program to convert SAP files into MIDI files. This sucks, as I wanted to experiment with "orchestrating" some of my favorite tunes found in the Atari SAP Music Archive.

Now, I'm not by any means great at this, but I've done some experiments before using manual transcriptions, and in the end I found that these chiptunes do have a lot of potential:

ABBUC 20 for strings

And that was transcribed by hand, which was more time consuming than necessary and it gets very hard for more complex chiptunes.

So when I started hunting for a way to automate it, I found out there's a convoluted way to convert SAP files into CSound files, but this seemed like an unnecessary chore, and the patches aren't compatible with the modern ASAP code which actually supports playing a lot of the tracks in the Atari SAP Music Archive, which previous versions weren't able to.

Something had to be done about this. I'm not an Atari wizard, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.

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